Losantiville Country Club is one of the few remaining local golf courses that preserve, support, and maintain a thriving caddie program. This is due to our Membership's desire to "play golf the way it was meant to be played" and the commitment of the Golf Professional Staff to continue the tradition and enjoyment of the program.

Our Caddie Master works diligently training the caddies in their craft, and recruits the best local youth. Training starts in early spring to get the caddies ready for the upcoming season. The caddies also have an opportunity to earn a coveted Evans Scholarship, through The Western Golf Association, which grants them a 'full ride' to either Miami University or The Ohio State University. Losantiville has been a long standing supporter of the Evans Program through The Western Golf Association and consistently sends deserving caddies to college. Losantiville has had 93 caddies over the past 50 years earn this prestigious Scholarship!

Caddies are available on weekends during the season, and by special request for weekdays and off-season rounds.

Caddie rates are based on the skill and experience level of the individual caddie; tipping is based solely on their knowledge, professionalism, and efforts.

All caddie rounds are subject to a 20% surcharge when billed through the Club. This money is held in escrow to be given out to the best caddies as a work bonus at our annual caddie banquet. The banquet is typically held the Friday prior to Thanksgiving, in November and all Members are invited to this great evening of celebration.

Tips should be given based on the ability and effort of your caddie, but usually average $20-$25 per bag for 18 holes. For those that only use a caddie for 9 holes, a tip of $10-$12 is acceptable.