These events take place over up to multiple months and are a great way to find a consistent game.

LCC Pro-Am Championship
Begins April 1st
Play with Chad, Brett, or David in a 2 Best Ball Format with 75% Handicap.  Play with each Professional as many times as you like throughout the season.  The lowest scoring team from Chad, Brett, & David will meet on Saturday, October 7th where all teams will earn Golf Shop Credit and ultimately determine Losantiville’s Pro-Am Champion.

Tournament Club 
Begins April 22nd
Tournament Club is a yearlong pot game for our male members.  There are many different formats, ranging from individual net to four player team formats.  Each Tournament Club is played on Saturday and Sunday.  Players sign up on the first tee on the day they want to play and drop off their scorecard in the Pro Shop following play. Winners are paid out in Golf Shop credit after each event.

President's Cup
Begins April 29th
The President's Cup is a year-long individual net match play event for men.  Players must submit a qualifying score on one of the 6 dates: 4/29, 4/30, 5/6, 5/7, 5/13, 5/14.  The field is split between high and low handicappers so that players are more likely to play someone with a similar handicap.  Matches are scheduled by the players and must be completed within the deadlines given by the Golf Professional Staff.

Losantiville Women’s Golf (LWG)
Begins May 3rd
LWG is our version of a women’s league.  There are a variety of formats that change weekly.  The Top 40% each week will be paid out in Golf Shop credit.  The season will conclude on Wednesday, September 20th with the LWG Fall Scramble & Luncheon.
Men’s League / Men’s League Ryder Cup
Begins May 3rd
Men’s League meets on Wednesday nights each summer. Players can sign up alone or as part of a team, and each team can have up to 4 players, but only 2 players play each match.  Each week, teams will play against another team, and formats change weekly.  Points are earned weekly and tallied over the course of the season and the top two teams meet for the championship at the end of the year.   For the Men’s League Ryder Cup, teams will be drafted from among the league members and a team event will be played.
Ladies Night Out
Begins May 4th
Play 3 holes, play 9 holes, or just ride in the cart!  This for-fun-only series of events is a great way to meet other women while enjoying the scenery of LCC.  There aren’t any competition or formats, just come out and meet other ladies of your ability level and have fun!  On Thursday, September 7th there will be a 9-hole Member-Guest where guest fees will be waived.
Scotch Old Pal
Begins May 17th
Scotch Old Pal is a year-long team match play event with both Men’s and Women’s divisions.  Teams compete in a Scotch format based on their combined handicaps.  The Scotch format is when each player hits their tee shot, then you will switch & play each other’s balls for the 2nd shot.  Next, you will decide which ball you think is better and play Alternate Shot until the ball is in the hole (whosever ball you chose, the other player will hit).  You will repeat this for all 18 holes.  Team handicaps are determined by taking 60% of the A player and 40% of the B player.  We then round to the nearest whole number and add up the two handicaps.  This will be your team handicap for the match.  Matches are scheduled by the players and must be completed within the deadlines given by the Golf Professional Staff. 
The Losantiville Cup
September 18-19th
The Losantiville Cup is LCC’s version of the Ryder Cup where team Chad takes on team Brett.  Members earn Losantiville Cup Points based on how they finish in tournaments throughout the year.  Players are invited to play by the Golf Professional Staff based on their accumulated points over the year.  The event starts with a pairings party where captains draft their teams and assign pairings for the first day of play. Formats for the event are Scramble, Shamble, 1 Best Ball of 2, and Singles.

These events are frequently silly, always fun and a great way to mix up your golf experience at LCC.

Super Bowl Scramble
Sunday, February 12th
This event is a great time and a great way to get ready to watch the big game.  Wear your favorite team’s colors or jersey and show your pride!  Members and their guests are paired in a scramble format.

March Madness Golf
Sunday, March 19th 
This event has some madness to it, as you will switch formats with your partner every 3 holes, having 6 different formats in total.  The formats include, scramble, best ball, modified alternate shot, shamble best ball, aggregate score, and scotch chapman. Head to the Clubhouse following play to watch the basketabll tournament.

Friday Afternoon Pot Game
March 31st, April 14th, May 5th, June 16th, July 7th, August 25th, September 22nd, October 13th, November 3rd
Get your weekend started early.  $20 entry fee with teams selected at random.  Format & payouts are determined by attendance.

Men’s Mystery Tour
April 12th, June 1st, August 16th, September 27th
Sign up for a surprise!  The Golf Professional Staff will tell you when to arrive at LCC and we will take you to a Mystery golf course.  You don’t know where you’re playing until you get there!

Women’s Mystery Tour
April 26th, July 6th, August 24th,
Sign up for a surprise!  The Golf Professional Staff will tell you when to arrive at LCC and we will take you to a Mystery golf course.  You don’t know where you’re playing until you get there!

Couples League - Fridays once per month
April 28th, May 26th, June 30th, July 21st, August 4th, September 15th
Bring your spouse out for a 9-hole round with a different format each month.  Start your weekend off with a great date night opportunity to meet other couples at the Club and have some fun!

4th of July Mixed Scramble
Monday, July 3rd
This fun event allows mixed couples to get out in a fun scramble format.  Consider it your patriotic duty to decorate your cart.

Member-Caddie Scramble
Thursday, July 13th
Come join some of the fine men and women from our caddie program for a 9-hole round at LCC!  This is a great opportunity to get to know some of the caddies on a more personal level.

LCC Tough Day
Sunday, October 22nd
This is a chance for our Superintendent to get back at everyone who doesn’t fill their divots or repair ball marks!  The course set up will feature cruel pins and unusual obstacles.  Good luck!
These are special opportunities to bring guests to LCC.

The Paddlewheel Member-3 Guest
Sunday, May 12th 
This event allows LCC members to bring 3 guests for a one-day Invitational. Each member will play a Wheel Best Ball, which is 1 Net Best Ball of 2 with each of their guests. The foursome will also play a 2 Net Best Balls of 4.

Couples Invitational
Sunday, May 21st
This event allows LCC couples to bring their friends for a round at LCC.  It is a great way to showcase our great club to your friends. The format is 2 Net Best Balls of 4, one ball from each set of partners, switching the partners every 6 holes. 
The Boyle Men’s Invitational
Practice Round: June 22nd
Matches: June 23-24th
This is the premiere event at Losantiville.  Men are invited to bring a guest for a couple days of fun and competition at LCC.  Teams will be flighted based on combined handicap and will play a round robin against their flight.  The flight winners and top remaining teams advance to the pressure packed shootout.  Participants may follow those who made the cut back out onto the course to watch them play in a sudden death format to determine the overall winner.  Multiple meals, many ways to gamble, top of the line tee gifts, and a putting course are all part of the fun.  If you play in one event each year at LCC, this is it.
The Women’s Invitational
Friday, July 28th
This is the keystone event on our Women’s golf calendar.  Ladies are invited to bring up to three guests for a fun day at Losantiville!  Each year this event has a different theme and some fun side games to play.

The 1902 Member-3 Guest
Sunday, August 11th 
This event allows LCC members to bring 3 guests for a one-day Invitational. Each team will count 1 Net Best Ball on the Par 5’s, 2 Net Best Balls on the Par 4’s and 3 Net Best Balls on the Par 3’s as the team score on each hole.

Men’s Fall Classic
Friday, September 1st
Bring up to three guests to play and compete alongside some of the best players in Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky.  Each group will be paired with a Golf Professional and will compete in a team format while the Professionals will compete against the other Professionals in the field.
These are some of the benchmark events at LCC.
Men’s Spring Scramble
Sunday, April 2nd
The unofficial beginning of the season for men at Losantiville.  The format is an ABCD Scramble with players drafted to create the most even teams possible.  Come join us to meet a few members to play with this year!
Tom Bendelow Best Ball
Sunday, May 28th
Tom Bendelow is the man who designed our beautiful golf course.  Participants will pair up with three other members and play a one best ball of four format.
Couples Club Championship 
Saturday & Sunday, June 10-11th
Bring your spouse & compete for a trophy!  Gross and Net winners will be crowned Club Champions.
Junior Club Championship
Wednesday & Thursday, June 19th & 20th
Gross scores will be used to determined Champions of multiple age ranges.
Men’s Senior Club Championship
Saturday & Sunday, July 15th-16th
Men will play for both Gross and Net titles within their age range as well as an overall gross champion.  Flights are determined by age range (50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80+).
Tobias Member-Member
Saturday & Sunday, July 22nd-July 23rd
Pick your favorite partner!  This longstanding event features twosomes competing in a variety of formats over the course of two days.  Formats include Scramble, Best Ball, Alternate Shot and Aggregate Shamble.  
Men’s and Women’s Club Championships
Men’s: August 18-20th
Women’s: August 19-20th
This is the ultimate competition at Losantiville. Participants will play 2 stroke play rounds to determine qualifiers & seeding.  The Top 8 will advance to match play where participants will compete in a single elimination bracket tournament until there is a winner.  In addition to the championship flight, there are multiple other flights where players may play against others within their handicap range, in two rounds of stroke play.  
Clark Eads Better Ball
Sunday, September 3rd
This two-person event is in honor of our late and longtime Caddie Manager.  Played in a 1 Best Ball of 2 format, players can find their own partners or get paired up by the Golf Professional Staff.
Men’s Fall Scramble and Awards Luncheon
Saturday, October 8th  
The unofficial end of the men’s tournament season. This ABCD Shamble brings everyone together for one last time to celebrate the past season and look forward to the next.