Club History

Losantiville Country Club

A Brief History

The original lease for Losantiville Club (Country was added later) was signed in February, 1902 with the location at the old Oakley race track. Part of the track's grandstand was converted into a clubhouse with showers and a locker room. By 1905, the membership had grown to 100 and the course and quarters were no longer adequate, and the search began for a new location.

The leading golf architect of the day was Tom Bendelow. Mr. Bendelow was consulted on the location of Avon Fields Golf Course and Langdon Farms in Pleasant Ridge. Mr. Bendelow, using broom straws and the blue print of the property, laid out the course that finally fit into the boundaries of the blueprint and thus, the final decision was made on our present location.

The Club was then reorganized as the Losantiville Country Club and incorporated on March 23, 1906, with the official dedication of the new clubhouse taking place in May, 1907.

During the past years there have been many changes and improvements to the Club, including the addition of a pool in 1935, which was totally redone in 1995. The golf course has been continuously improved, extra tennis courts were added, with lighting installed for night play. The clubhouse has been remodeled throughout the years, following the dictates of need, convenience and beauty.

In the spring of 2002 two Cincinnati area Country Clubs voted to merge and became one. Driven by the ever-changing needs of society and the desire to provide a unique club experience for its membership, the previously named Crest Hills Country Club, located in Amberley Village and Losantiville Country Club located in Pleasant Ridge voted to combine history, amenities and memberships. Emerging as a new entity, the union was appropriately named The Ridge Club.

The Losantiville golf course has been in existence for over a century, and the maturity and preservation of the natural landscape is both evident and unique. Again, the membership voted and The Pleasant Ridge location was chosen as the home of The Ridge Club.  The 18 holes of golf are considered the "gem" of The Ridge Club, and the distinct character of the course provides numerous playing challenges for all ability levels.

Proud of its rich history and first class service, as well as a heated swimming pool, paddle tennis, lighted tennis courts, golf practice facilities and 18 holes of golf, members truly enjoy the dining opportunities, sports recreation, and social activities.

In September of 2009, the Clubhouse was totally remodeled, re-opening in May, 2010 to become a family friendly "Casual Country Club", following the dictates of the membership. The then current membership voted unanimously to change the name from the unknown "Ridge Club" back to the familiar "Losantiville Country Club".

The unique experience provided by Losantiville Country Club is reserved for members. The Club operates solely for the enjoyment of its members and their guests, not for profit. Proposal for membership requires endorsement by a current member to be considered by the Board of Directors.