Whether you are a veteran familiar with the fun of Tournament Club, or a newcomer to LCC and Tounament Club, we hope that you will join your fellow Members for a season-long series of great competition and a chance to win Golf Shop Credit. The annual and only entry fee is a modest $140 and includes a couple of great tee gifts. If you participated last season, you will automatically be billed the entry fee unless you notify the Golf Professional Staff that you don't want to participate this year, by the first event scheduled on April 25th.

Tournament Club events will be held on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the season. You may enter either day and at any time of the day. Results of the Tournament Club will be posted and e-mailed following Sunday's play, by Tuesday. All payouts will be issued in the form of Golf Shop Credit. If you don't have a complete team for a two man and/or four man event, the Golf Staff will complete your team using the blind draw method. Players of all handicap levels are encouraged to play. Equity in competition is assured through use of USGA handicaps and through Split Field Payouts.

Rules and Regulations


1. All USGA rules apply, including practice during competition, the 14 club rule, proper drops for hazard areas-cart paths, lost balls in high grass, out of bounds procedures, and line of flight versus stance and area of intended swing.
2. Local rules are established and are found on the back of the Club scorecard. These rules will supersede any USGA rule if there is a discrepancy between the two.
If there is a rules question during play, you may call the Golf Shop or, as allowed by the rules of golf, play the original ball and a second ball and seek a ruling at the conclusion of play.
3. No mulligan strokes will be allowed in Tournament Club events.
4. Summer rules are in effect and the ball must be played down everywhere, unless specifically waived.
5. PUTTS MAY NOT BE CONCEDED. All putts must be holed out.


6. Current revision handicaps, on the Thursday prior to the weekend, as posted, will be used.
7. Play and handicaps will be established from the player's selected tee markers.


8. Players are responsible for entering their name on the sign-up sheet located on the first tee.
This is ensures that the Golf Shop knows who entered and whom that player wanted to compete with in a team format. It is not the Golf Shop's responsibility to add names to the entry sheet.
9. A player may only enter one day per weekend.
10. During all events at least one other member must play with and attest an individual's score. (Doesn’t have to be a TC Member)
11. During a 2-person team event, teams may play alone, both team members must sign and attest the team score.
12. Individuals without a team can still enter and participate in a 2-person or 4-person event. Pairings will be done by the Golf Shop. In this situation, the individual must play with another Member to attest the score.
13. A Tournament Club member who is playing and attesting for other players does not have to be participating in that day's event.


14. A player may choose to pick up and not complete a hole if their score will not count in the competition during a 2-person or 4-person event. That player's score shall be recorded as an "X" or written in as net double bogey to ensure equity for the entire field in case they are chosen as a blind draw.


15. In the event of rain, the day's scores will count if at least 51% of those entered have completed their round. Cancelled tournament days will be re-scheduled to the next week's corresponding day (e.g., Saturday for Saturday.)
16. In the event of rain, where groups that started play choose to not complete their round, and the event is still on, the group will have been deemed to voluntarily withdrawn from that event, and will not be eligible for a second round.
17. If a tournament day has been washed out, teams or individuals have the option of asking that their round be counted or being eligible to enter on a subsequent date. The declaration of choice must be made immediately following the completion of play on the washed out day.


1. All Tournament Club rounds will be posted by the Individual Player.
2. All "individual" event rounds will be counted using a Tournament or "T" score in the GHIN system.
In the event or any discrepancies, the Tournament Club Committee has the final say in all rulings and decisions.

Good luck and enjoy the season!!!